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Black Mandela - Electric Warmer

Black Mandela - Electric Warmer

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When you purchase a wax warmer, you recieve a free wax melt of your preferred scent. Simply head to the wax melt collection, select your scent, add to your cart and discount will automatically be applied.

When melting scented wax cubes, you can enjoy the fragrance. and it can be taken out easily after the fragrant wax cooling. It is very convenient to use.

Using the wax warmer in your home to Improve environment, remove odors and purify the air.

Wax melt warmers do not produce any kind of smoke and neither do they pollute the ambiance of the room, making it safer to use.

The outlet cord is outfitted with a toggle switch to easily turn off when you're leaving the room. Follow all provided safety instructions while operating the wax warmer.

How do wax warmers work?

Simply remove a part of your wax melt out of the plastic and place into your warmer tray at the top of the warmer. Turn the toggle switch on to enjoy the therapeutic aromas. Do not melt for any longer than 4 hours to ensure you get the most out of them. Once you have finished, simply turn the toggle switch off and the wax will solidify itself, ready for you to use again.

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